The last quarter of 2017 was particularly busy for Axioma LEZ export team. Pursuant to the export development strategy, the company maintained supply of the metering devices of its own manufacture to the European markets, while the test batches and first orders have been sent to 8 new countries: France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Span, Portugal, Romania, Belgium and Turkey. This means that the water and heat meters produced by Axioma LEZ are being used by companies and residents in more than 33 countries.

According to Vaidas Jakubavičius, CEO at Axioma LEZ, their customers and partners find the ultrasonic water and heat meters they manufacture attractive thanks to implemented progressive technology, production flexibility and competitive prices. The metering devices industry is currently transitioning from mechanical to ultrasonic technology, thus, aside from everything else, the company customers are impressed by its extensive technological know-how and R&D experience. V. Jakubavičius explained that customers, partners and other manufacturers of metering devices are also interested in their newly developed water meter Qalcosonic W1 and are eagerly awaiting its introduction on the market.

Application of the ultrasonic method allows to register even the slightest modifications in the systems and provide prompt response. The advantage of ultrasonic meters is not only their superb precision, but also a prolonged service life. The ultrasonic metering devices enable remote reception and processing of the data collected and the analysis of these data according to various parameters, both via radio transmission and internet channels. The innovative notification technology, such as that installed in the ultrasonic water meter, allows efficient detection of leaks and prompt interception thereof, thus, this technology can help reduce the expenses of consumers.

Axioma LEZ develops and manufactures ultrasonic heat and water meters, as well as the data management devices. The company is the pioneer and leader of ultrasonic technologies in the Baltic States operating since 1992. The company has manufactured more than 2.5 million water meters, 300 thousand heat metering devices and more than 3.5 million remotely controlled data acquisition units. Export of metering devices comprises nearly 70% of the total turnover. Major export markets: Germany, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Italy and Great Britain.

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