The new generation ultrasonic heat and cooling meter Qalcosonic E3 of Axioma Metering has been recognised to be the best energy project of 2019 by the Service of the Year awards organised by the Lithuanian Business Confederation. The Commission, comprising the Lithuanian Business Confederation, the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) and representatives of business companies, assessed the project’s uniqueness and innovation, its successful adaptation on the market and competitive advantages.  

“We are the developers of water and heat meters focusing on innovative solutions from the very start of existence of our company. It was the heat meters that many years ago became the products, in which Axioma Metering integrated the ultrasound technology – presently our main technological forte – for the first time. I am wholeheartedly welcome this evaluation and would like to congratulate the entire team of designers and manufacturers of this heat meter,” said Ignas Vosylius, CEO at Axioma Metering.

The new generation ultrasonic heat meter Qalcosonic E3 used to measure energy consumption for heating or air-conditioning in private and apartment buildings, companies and organisations. Ultrasonic devices, differently than their mechanical alternatives, cannot be compromised, but preserve precision during the entire service life.

The advantages of ultrasonic meters are more than their accuracy. They are also characterised by a long service life. Application of ultrasonic technology allows to detect and trace even the slightest modifications in the systems and provide prompt response. This properties of Qalcosonic E3 heat meters facilitate high efficiency of operations of the companies rendering utility services in Lithuania and worldwide.

Heat and cooling meter Qalcosonic E3 is one of the most universal energy meters on the market. The data from the device can be read in multiple ways (WMBUS radio protocol, wired MBUS and MODBUS protocols and LoRa, Pulse I/O). This meter can be integrated into the so-called Internet of Things network.

Qalcosonic E3 is a LoRaWAN certified product. Axioma Metering was among the first to adapt the LoRa technology in the heat meters. LoRa is a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) protocol designed to allow wireless communication of things operated on a battery in regional, national or global networks. The main advantage of LoRa technology is long distance data transfer, while it does not require any complex solutions.

The Service of the Year competition has been organised for six consecutive years. It is a competition where the leaders of various business sectors present the most innovative services and projects creating the highest added value. According to the organisers, the Service of the Year award is the most prestigious appreciation of ideas, concepts, efforts and work of the service and high-tech companies.

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