We are strong not only in offering smart water and heat meters of the latest generation, but also in keeping pace with the latest technology. Axioma Metering, LLC, has just started offering the centralized meter configuration platform for their customers. The platform will grant the access only for authorized users to the assigned meters along with the meter management performed independently. 

With the help of Windows and Android apps, the customer can conveniently connect to the system via the optical interface or NFC interface, and securely configure the meters as needed. The system will have a configuration change log, which will allow us and our partners to trace the causes of potential failures and prevent them in the future. Logged-in users will automatically have access to the latest version of the system and new features will become immediately available to all users. This tool will allow to monitor how the meters are used, and thus will provide customer support even quicker as well as will ensure better quality.  

Right now the configuration platform is in the final phase of a continuous testing, and the results are really gratifying. 

“We manufacture smart meters that operate on IoT networks, so we definitely need to ensure that all security requirements are being met. The new platform provides not only wider opportunities for our partners, but also makes it easier to perform meter maintenance. At the same time, the highest level of security is ensured”, says Jevgenij Kiseliov, Chief Product Officer at Axioma Metering.

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