On 29-30 April, the team of Axioma Metering will share its experience in development of smart devices at the Smart Water Systems conference in the UK, and will present its newest ultrasonic water meters Qalcosonic W1. The head of the company Ignas Vosylius will make a presentation on why modern smart devices require more than just one innovation, which technologies are only big words, and which do actually create added value and are the future of the market.

“The water network companies in the UK are actively searching for innovative technologies, which could allow efficient water consumption and reduce its losses. It is expected that, unless this happens, the world will face the shortage of drinking water by 2025. The water network companies see Axioma Metering as the innovator in the field of metering devices and invite it to share its experience. We see it as an important evaluation, and at the same time an opportunity to introduce our new ultrasonic water meter Qalcosonic W1, which operates with the help of Internet of Things (IoT) network and allows to manage data in real time, and is highly cost-efficient,” said Vosylius, the CEO of Axioma Metering.

The Smart Water Systems conference has been organised for the eighth time. It brings together more than 100 top level managers, decision makers from the companies rendering utility services in the United Kingdom, innovators and product developers. The representatives of progressive municipal companies and device manufacturers operating in the UK and Europe will share their experience at the conference.

According to the organisers, great attention at this conference is focused on innovations, such new technologies as the so-called Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, how they could help create and analyse real time data and minimise losses. Particular emphasis is also made on today's global challenges due to the increasing water demand and its efficient accounting.

More about the conference here: https://www.smi-online.co.uk/utility/uk/conference/smart-water-systems#tab_overview

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