Qalcosonic W1 smart ultrasonic water meters manufactured by Axioma Metering were awarded by OMS (Open Metering System) Certificate of Conformity, which confirms that Qalcosonic W1 meters fully comply with the OMS specification, Generation 4.

OMS (Open Metering System) specification stands for a manufacturer- and utilities-independent standardization for Meter-Bus (M-Bus) based communication between utility meters (such as electricity, gas, water, district heat meters and heat cost allocators) and systems in the field of smart metering. The fourth and most recent generation of OMS standard is focused on Uni & Bi-directional meters and gateways for Wireless M-Bus and Wired M-Bus. OMS Generation 4 offers the highest level of security for AMR (Automated meter Reading) applications and can be used for synchronous data transmission, which is essential for optimizing performance in AMR networks.

"In order to receive the certificate, we had to perform tests for compliance with the OMS standards. Qalcosonic W1 was tested in a laboratory authorized by the OMS organization in Germany. Positive test results confirmed that the technology installed in our product works flawlessly in any OMS Generation 4 compatible data collection system together with equipment from other manufacturers,” says Giedrius Vaitkūnas, Product manager at Axioma Metering.

Axioma Metering, a manufacturer of smart water and heat metering devices, joined the international association OMS Group a few years ago. “Joining the OMS organization has opened the perspectives as it is the based on European norms for us as the industry players and increases cooperation between us and meter operators. Being a member of the OMS-Group shows that we are a forward-looking business which actively supports und encourages the marketing and further development of OMS and state us as an essential part of energy landscape in the future. Meter operators such as public utility companies are making a future-proof investment in an interoperable meter park with OMS meters. Standardized OMS technology opens up new perspectives, because OMS is a future-proof communication standard as it is based on European norms and is supported by the industry. At the same time - the meter park is fully compatible and interoperable.  OMS meters enable the introduction of Smart Grids for the reduction of energy consumption, improved integration of renewable energy and help to reach for sustainable environment,” cites Rytis Kepalas, Head of Sales.

Axioma Metering, manufacturer of Qalcosonic W1 ultrasonic water meter, provides distribution of the products through a network of local distributors with more 750 clients in 60+ countries across the world.

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