Ultrasonic water meter Qalcosonic W1 manufactured by Axioma Metering presses ahead beyond the Atlantic: in the end of March, it obtained the American Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) certificate. The certificate confirms that the quality of radio communication completely complies with the requirements of the American Federal Communications Commission: radio emission and communications are safe, and the product is suitable for use in the United States.

“Comparing to the European market, the USA market distinguishes itself with vast distances, a number of devices in one network and stronger radio signal. Even in such conditions, the communication quality of our product is excellent”, - says Rytis Kepalas, Head of Water Meter Sales Division at Axioma Metering.

The FCC is American governmental organisation which regulates communications by electronical devices, networks and satellite, electromagnetic compatibility, broadband and radio frequency quality and security. The FCC is a mandatory radio part certification to market electronic products in the USA. To obtain the certificate, the ultrasonic water meter Qalcosonic W1 was tested in the FCC accredited laboratory Eurofins Product Service GmbH in Germany.

The Head of Water Meter Sales Division at the company mentions that the FCC certification procedure for Qalcosonic W1 has already started in Canada.

The ultrasonic water meter Qalcosonic W1 by Axioma Metering is exported to more than 60 countries. In Europe, the radio part is confirmed by MID and LoRa certificates: Qalcosonic W1 was awarded MID in 2018 and LoRaWAN (CM) in 2019. This year, Axioma Metering launches the Qalcosonic W1 water meter with integrated narrowband technology Internet of Things (Narrow-Band-IoT or NB-IoT).

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