Axioma Metering finishes this already impressive year with another recognition of its team’s work – on 18 December, the smart ultrasonic water meter Qalcosonic W1 developed by the company was recognised as the best product in the competition Made in Kaunas District 2019 (“Sukurta Kauno rajone 2019”).

The goal of this competition is to encourage the companies based in Kaunas district to develop innovative, high-quality and eco-friendly products that could successfully compete in the Lithuanian and international markets. The products and serves were evaluated by a commission comprising the representatives of the Kaunas district municipality, Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, and the Kaunas district tourism and business information centre.

“We are a Lithuanian company developing Lithuanian products and working with researchers of Lithuanian universities, and most of our developers are graduates of the Kaunas universities. Therefore, it is a very good feeling to be recognised in our own homeland,” Axioma Metering CEO Ignas Vosylius commented. “At the same time, we hope that the old saying “no prophet is accepted in his own hometown” will not apply to us, and the advantages we offer will also be recognised by Lithuanian water management and heat companies since our smart meters help to more efficiently manage infrastructure: to save costs and reduce drinking water waste.”

The smart water Qalcosonic W1 measures water flow with ultrasound, which makes the metering of water consumption very accurate. Extensive capabilities of transmitting data through radio waves, RFID, NFC, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the LoRa technology facilitate data collection, making it possible to analyse data and effectively meter the water.

Advanced detection algorithms are installed to identify faults in the water supply system (cracked pipe, leakage, freezing, backflow) – users and operators receive fault alerts, can react proactively and prevent losses due to water leakage. Another unique property of this meter is its small size and simplicity. Its structure and design symbolise a new evolution phase of the technology – it is probably the smallest smart ultrasonic water meter in the world.

Qalcosonic W1 is manufactured in Axioma Metering’s automated factory in Kaunas FEZ where all the meter manufacturing operations are executed. This is still not very common in the Lithuanian industry, but it ensures the top quality of a product.

In 2019, 90% of the smart ultrasonic water meters were exported to more than 60 countries throughout the world.

This year the smart ultrasonic water meter Qalcosonic W1 was also recognised in the Baltic Assembly – for the products it developed, Axioma Metering was announced the most innovative company of Lithuania. Furthermore, this year in the K.A.V.A. 2019 awards for quickly growing companies of Kaunas Qalcosonic W1 was named as the Innovation of 2019.

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