The Axioma Metering team will introduce smart ultrasonic water metering devices Qalcosonic W1 in the AWWA ACE19 exposition, which will take place on 9–12 June in Denver (Colorado, USA). ACE is a leading annual event, organised by the American Water Works Association. The event is dedicated to the water industry: developers and producers of devices and technologies, innovators, scientists, engineers, and USA-based utility companies.

‘Our smart water metering devices Qalcosonic W1 are already known in Europe. We have introduced them in multiple expositions, and they have been tested by utility companies in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Norway. We are arranging trials with representatives of other countries as well. However, this will be the first introduction of the metering devices across the Atlantic,’ said Marijus Jankauskas, Qalcosonic W1 Sales Manager.

The Axioma Metering team has done its homework for the exposition. A few months ago, representatives of the company have been to the USA and interacted with utility companies, manufacturers of similar devices, and potential partners. ‘We are sure now that our new water metering device has a great potential on the USA market. Partners understand and appreciate the fact that we have an actual working product with the LoRa communication technology, which is very important to Americans in order to transmit data over long distances without any additional complicated solutions,’ said M. Jankauskas.

Axioma Metering booth No. 2143 will offer an opportunity to meet the developers of the Qalcosonic W1 metering device, and to learn about other water and heat metering devices developed by the company.

The theme for this year’s ACE19 is “Innovating the Future of Water”. The event is dedicated to new technologies and innovations in the water industry, and the main focus of the conference’s sessions and seminars is going to be a discussion on how to make the utility companies’ work more efficient, and how they could manage resources and water quality. The ACE exposition is organised by the American Water Works Association, which is an international non-profit organisation that unites scientists, creators, and utility companies. It seeks to educate, share knowledge and experience, and to make water consumption and management more efficient. The association was established in 1887 and is the largest organisation of water supply in the world, combining 51 thousand professionals of the water industry.

Learn more about the exposition at https://events.awwa.org/

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