The EU funds allocated 3.5 million euro to support the innovations project of Axioma Metering company. The company is launching the works for development of the new generation composite ultrasonic heat and water meters partially funded under the EU funds measure Intelektas LT-2, the value of which amounts to 7.2 million euro. Axioma Metering will invest 3.7 million euro of own funds into creation of these environmentally friendly meters.

“The fact that Axioma Metering has an opportunity to develop the products of the future in Lithuania, demonstrates the technological potential of now only our company but the country as a whole. We have been designing innovative products for many years, thus, we consider the support received to be the evaluation of our continuous operations. This is an official recognition of the technological approach we are developing being a promising direction,” stated Ignas Vosylius, CEO at Axioma Metering.

The company is among the cutting-edge Lithuanian designers, whose projects have been evaluated by the EU fund.

Axioma Metering will present the new generation meters to the market in several stages, whereas the first products will be released in 2020. This project will continue for three years with the aim of creating the smart composite ultrasonic meters for heat and water consumers.

According to Vosylius, the project funds will be invested no only into development of innovative products and equipment, but also into expansion of new competences and attracting new specialists.

“We create innovative ultrasonic meters, which will operate according to the principle of future technologies. The metering devices will feature the new composite and nanocomposite materials and smart solutions that will meet the needs of the future international market,” said Virgilijus Pamakštis, Head of Innovation and Technical Department.

According to him, creation of the new generation devices will require performance of the fundamental scientific research. The research will be carried out by the scientists from the Kaunas University of Technology. Axioma Metering will implement the applied scientific research and experimental development works in cooperation with the Lithuanian Energy Institute.

In comparison to the existing meters, the high-quality metering devices will be characterised by a lower price and more advanced properties. “The service life of the new meters will be doubled, while the time between the metrology inspections will become twice as long. The new-gen meters will be environmentally-friendly and made of recycled secondary raw materials,” added Pamakštis.

The future heat meters will mark the new generation of Axioma Metering heat meters, while the water metering devices will continue the Qalcosonic W1 product line.

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