The Qalcosonic W1 water meter produced by Axioma Metering, the developer of smart water and heat metering devices, received a hygienic approval from France (ACS), Italy (ICIM), the Netherlands (KIWA) and Poland (PZH). They certify that the meters are safe and may be used for drinkable water metering.

“The received hygienic approvals are yet another acknowledgement of the quality of our products. Members from the assessing organisations from different countries, each applying its own evaluation procedure, visited our factory, audited our manufacturing processes and materials used, inspected the product quality, tested the meters 4–5 weeks in their laboratories, and confirmed that our new smart water meters Qalcosonic W1 are suitable for metering even drinkable water,” Axioma Metering’s Head of Product Development Giedrius Vaitkūnas shared his thoughts on the achievement.

Unlike the MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) certificate acknowledging that a mater meets metrology requirements of the highest level and is suitable for commercial water metering throughout the European Union, the hygienic requirements are defined by the national legislation of each individual country or region. The inspection involves the entire company’s quality policy, manufacturing process sustainability, and statements on product material composition. It takes 3 to 4 months to receive each approval.

“Currently we have started the procedure to receive hygienic approvals in Germany and the United Kingdom. We will not limit ourselves to Europe and will seek a similar approval in the Australian and US markets in the nearest future,” Mr Vaitkūnas explained the company’s plans.

The Axioma Metering team completed the development of the ultrasonic meter Qalcosonic W1 in 2018. It invested over 1.7 million euros in its development. Qalcosonic W1 is unique in its especially accurate metering and essentially unlimited data-transferring possibilities. Accurate water metering will help consumers save water and allow them to monitor its consumption remotely, while utility companies will be able to control water metering much more effectively. The meter is currently being tested by more than 30 utility companies in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Norway. Qalcosonic W1 received the MID certificate in autumn 2018.

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