As of 30 March, company Axioma LEZ will continue its operations under a new legal name – Axioma Metering UAB. This decision has been taken upon the approval of the five-year company strategy, which is oriented towards activities beyond the boundaries of Lithuania.

“The name Axioma Metering fully reflects the activities of our company. We manufacture the water and heat metering devices that are exported to 36 countries worldwide. The current company's export comprises nearly a half of the sales revenue, which is expected to be increased to 80 per cent before 2021. For the purposes of convenience of our partners, customers and our own, and in order to simplify the communication, from now on, we will be operating under the name of Axioma Metering, which can be understood globally,” said Vaidas Jakubavičius, CEO at Axioma Metering.

Other company details (address, telephone, e-mail address and bank information) will remain unchanged, and the company and its metering devices will continue to be marked by AXIOMA trademark.

Please note that the change of the company's name has no impact on its obligations assumed – the contracts concluded under the name of Axioma LEZ UAB will remain in effect.

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