Following traditions on January 30, the “Axioma Metering “team gathered for the 2023 results presentation event. It is a gathering during which the achieved goals, realized aspirations and guidelines for future actions are outlined, not forgetting to celebrate all the successful paths taken.

The company’s CEO, Ignas Vosylius, shared how the organization did in each of the strategically important areas of activity, the essential changes to be made, and the achievements. The direction where the emphasis will be placed in 2024 was outlined. The company’s financial situation was presented to the colleagues, and they were happy that the turnover and taxes paid to the Lithuanian state budget were significant. The year 2023 was completed by reaching 1 million meters sold.

At the event, HR manager Živilė Vikertienė spoke about the entire past year from the human side - not only how many colleagues joined or rose in positions, but also how colleagues used the various benefits provided by the company, what was and is the involvement of colleagues in the organization’s activities. He reviewed global and Lithuanian trends in the labour market, what challenges are faced by companies looking for employees, and how we will work in the future.

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