Ignas Vosylius, the CEO of Axioma Metering, was awarded the LINPRA (Lithuanian Engineering and Technology Industry Association) Medal of Honor at the beginning of 2024.

The head of the organization, I. Vosylius, was appreciated for his significant contribution to developing a rapidly and successfully growing production organization, accelerating the export of Lithuanian engineering products, and strengthening Lithuania’s image in the world as an innovative and high-technology country.

According to the general director, “LINPRA, in my eyes, is one of Lithuania’s most active and purposeful associations. Knowing that professionals in our industry present the awards makes this award really important. Of course, it is also obvious that with this Medal of Honor, not only was I noticed and recognized, but our entire organization. I am delighted to be the ambassador of our talented team.”

LINPRA (Lithuanian Engineering and Technology Industry Association) has operated as an independent business self-management organization since 1993. At the international and national levels, the association represents the interests of the engineering and technology industry sector: plastics, metal products, machinery and equipment, devices, electrical engineering, electronics, etc., for companies.

Every year, LINPRA looks to evaluate, encourage, and introduce to the public persons who significantly contribute to developing and strengthening the competitiveness of the Lithuanian engineering and technology industry; the association presents its Medal of Honor.

The Medal of Honor is awarded to employees of companies and organizations who have distinguished themselves by being innovative and productive, who have achieved significant results in the integration of science and business, and who have made the name of the company or engineering industry famous in Lithuania and beyond.

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