Axioma Metering UAB, the designer and manufacturer of metering devices, having taken over the metering devices and controller design, production, sale and development business from Axis Industries AB, as well as its assets, rights and obligations, at the end of 2017, continues implementation of the “Smart energy consumption efficiency assessment, metering and management system” launched by Axis Industries on 1 April 2016, which is funded by the EU structural funds (project code J05-LVPA-K-01-0069) in cooperation with the Lithuanian Energy Institute. The project is implemented under the Measure J05-LVPA-K Intellect. Joint Science-Business Projects of Priority Axis 1 ‘Promotion of Research, Experimental Development and Innovation’ of the Operational Programme for EU Structural Funds Investments for 2014–2020. The project received 585,000 euro from the European Regional Development Fund.

The aim of the project is to create a smart system for energy consumption efficiency assessment, metering and management. It is an innovate and unique technical solution, which will allow the consumers to use the district heat energy with more efficiency. The system will make it possible to supply heat to the premises and prepare hot water by using the alternative and renewable energy sources, such as solar and geothermal energy.

Seeking implementation of the aims of the project, we will invoke the available expertise, conduct scientific studies and maintain cooperation with the Lithuanian Energy Institute in the course of implementation of the project for the purposes of acquisition of new knowledge. This information will be applied to design new unique products. During the project, we will create four products with exceptional properties and functional features:

  • a smart energy-exergy meter;
  • a low-temperature heating unit;
  • a smart heating unit controller and data concentrator; and
  • an intellectual consumer expert energy efficiency assessment system.

The successful implementation of the project will offer benefits for further expansion of the company, our customers and Lithuanian economic development.

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