The "Axioma Metering" team gathered for the half-year results traditional presentation event on the 1st of August. During the event, the results achieved in the first half-year were discussed, and the set and implemented goals. Also, the presentation was focused on the upcoming half-year, its aspirations, and the desired result.

Commenting on the results, the CEO, Ignas Vosylius, was happy with his colleagues, who, with their honest and persistent work, contributed to the current situation of the company and reached numbers. At the same time, he mentioned how important it is when setting goals to assess the opportunities and the market situation and to be bold in editing plans when necessary.

Much attention was also paid to the internal culture, especially the inner company values, one of the principal axes of the entire company culture. At the event, the HR manager, Živilė Vikertienė, talked a lot about the new value, which replaced one of the three values that existed until now. Minor, corrective changes touched the other two. Ž. Vikertienė took the time to discuss the changed and refined behaviours, circumstances, and motives for the emergence of a new value and, at the same time, encouraged colleagues to continue to set an example with their behaviour and not to forget to praise colleagues for their behaviour that reflects company values.

In the second part of the event, the CEO, I. Vosylius, moderated the discussion about clients, the contribution of different teams to the final value created for the client, and the experience of colleagues in communicating and meeting live with clients and visiting their countries.

After the year’s second quarter, all employees will gather again for the full-year results discussion event.

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