At the new “Axioma Metering” factory in Kaunas FEZ, the final construction works are carried out and installation of technical equipment is about to be completed. 

All production processes of accounting devices will take place at one new factory; therefore, the company will no longer need contract manufacturing.

“All meter manufacturing operations involving different processes are combined under one roof. This is a rare phenomenon in Lithuanian industry. At our factory, there are three main stages of different production processes of the meters: plastic molding, electronics manufacturing and meter assembly” – explains Marius Balčiūnas, Head of Production Department. 

According to him, assembling a product at one factory will allow more flexible response to market changes, will greatly reduce dependence on suppliers and thus increase production efficiency.

20 devices

Among the innovative robotised devices currently under construction, Marius Balčiūnas mentions automatic optical recognition, molding, testing, laser engraving, soldering and assembly equipment, which will ensure dynamic process management and efficient work.

In total, the new “Axioma Metering” factory will have 20 new devices which will operate in three production bases: plastics, electronics and assembly.

Plastic molding equipment and electronics manufacturing mechanisms and devices used for the surface assembly line in the electronics base have already reached the factory; as well as the new selective soldering equipment “Kurtz Ersa”.

We are expecting an intense period: after completing the installation of the equipment, we will begin the training of the employees and continue the coherent preparation for the start. Equipment launching engineers and manufacturers’ representatives will arrive at the factory, - says M. Balčiūnas.

Production equipment is being tested this month.  

Close to finish

According to Ignas Vosylius, CEO of “Axioma Metering”, 90 percent of all works have already been completed so that the “Axioma Metering” factory may be considered to be finished.

The production premises are already prepared as there are heating, electric, and lighting systems.

The administrative premises will also be completed shortly: partition walls are being built here, finishing works are being carried out and surroundings are about to be prepared.

According to Ignas Vosylius, the completion procedures of the building begin as the documents for the completion of the object are being prepared and submitted to the state authorities.

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