On September 15, „Axioma Metering“ opened its‘ plant doors to colleagues and partners from Finland and, under its roof, organized a summit for „Axioma Metering“ employees, Finnish partners, and utilities. This meeting brought together people who care about saving water, its preservation, and the possibility of using it efficiently.

During the meeting, there was a lot of discussion about how our smart meters can contribute to reducing the amount of non-revenue water, can be a quick help in detecting water leaks and about other advantages of our product. There was a lot of talk about specific cases of how smart meters were implemented in cities here; our partners from Finland could share their experiences. Hearing about their unique situation is always valuable because the company can get to know their current needs and expectations more clearly and look for the best ways to fulfil them.

In the second part of the event, guests were invited to see with their own eyes how „Axioma Metering“ meters were born and to view all the processes. During the tour, it was explained about each stage, what is most important in it, and how the process takes place.

Meetings that bring together like-minded people are significant to „Axioma Metering“, so in the future, we hope to invite our partners to the factory for conventions of various formats.

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