We are excited to announce that Axioma Metering’s smart ultrasonic water meter QALCOSONIC W1 was certified by Sigfox and soon will be commercially available for our customers. 

New communication together with already existing benefits 

Sigfox radio communication will be available for Axioma Metering best-selling smart water meter QALCOSONIC W1 DN15, DN20, DN25, and DN32 sizes. The meter will have an integrated Sigfox radio communication together with wireless M-Bus radio communication, as a result, customers will be able to choose the preferable type of communication by switching from Sigfox to wireless M-Bus or the other way around if needed. The meter with integrated Sigfox will send out alarms at once and hourly data packages two times per day. 

The updated product with Sigfox communication will ensure the same valued benefits for the customers – 16 years of battery lifetime, water flow measurement accuracy, and cost-efficiency.  

Axioma Metering develops smart ultrasonic meters to grant possibilities for utilities to choose smart metering, be proactive, and influence end-users’ behavior to save water. Receiving measured data and alarms is essential, but no less important is faster digitalization of the industry with accessible and reliable solutions. By integrating Sigfox radio communication into our smart water meters, we can use an extensive and efficient network infrastructure. This is the next step in ensuring a wide range of IoT connections in our products, depending on the needs of our customers.” says Jevgenij Kiseliov, Chief Product Officer at Axioma Metering 

Axioma Metering will offer smart water meters with RC1, RC7 radio configurations covering Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa. The mass production of QALCOSONIC W1 with Sigfox communication is planned to start in 2022 Q1. 

Sigfox 0G network as a service  

Sigfox is the world’s leading IoT (Internet of Things) communication service provider and 0G network pioneer. Sigfox offers a unique combination of ultra-low cost and ultra-low power solutions enabled by a single global network, owned, and operated by 75 Sigfox Operators, enabling businesses to gain visibility and track their assets worldwide. With more than 19 million connected devices and 75 million messages sent a day, Sigfox helps its customers to extract data at the lowest cost of production and accelerate their digital transformation in key areas such as asset tracking and monitoring. 

Sigfox can rely on a large ecosystem of partners and key players in the IoT to increase social, economic, and environmental benefits. 

Recently Sigfox started integration into the smart water meter industry to expand the services provided for their customers.  

20% of distributed water is lost in developed countries and up to 50% in emerging markets. As 1 in 10 people do not have access to safe water, smart water metering is an essential asset. IoT in general, and solutions such as Axioma Metering QALCOSONIC W1 powered by Sigfox 0G network, open the way to a multitude of use cases aimed at optimizing the management and consumption of this precious natural resource, that is water. From the percentage of water waste detection to water consumption remote management, automation of billing services, or predictive maintenance, IoT water metering is the solution allowing utility companies to save time and resources, gain full visibility, and increase efficiency. Today we are already in 75 countries but the agility of our 0G network and its capabilities in terms of densification is also something crucial in the water metering field.” said Benjamin Jooris, Client & Ecosystem Success Director at Sigfox. 

Read more about Qalcosonic W1: https://www.axiomametering.com/en/products/water-metering-devices/ultrasonic/qalcosonic-w1  

For more detailed information, please contact us: https://www.axiomametering.com/en/#contacts  

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