In its new robotised plant in Kaunas, Axioma Metering is not only developing and manufacturing metering devices but also performs checks of its own water and heat meters and those of other manufacturers. The company’s specialists perform the checks of all types of metering devices (mechanical, mechanical/electronic, ultrasonic and electromagnetic) with a diameter from 15 mm to 200 mm, as well as of technical pressure-gauges, in cooperation with the Vilnius Metrology Centre. Whenever necessary, the specialists of Axioma Meters render the repair services.

“The legislation provides that the checks of metering devices must be performed regularly, i.e. every 2-6 years, however, the manufacturers and suppliers of meters do it more frequently because an accurately operating metering instruments guarantee accurate metering of water and heat, which means correct invoices to users for consumption of heat or water,” said Mantvydas Vaičius, Commercial Manager at Heat Meter Division of Axioma Metering. “Our equipment and experience of our specialists allow to perform the checks of the meters of different manufacturers and provide prompt repair services,” he added.

Vaičius explained that the manufacturers or suppliers of metering devices usually bring the instruments to the plant of Axioma Metering in Kaunas FEZ. Depending on the condition of the device and needs of the customer, the staff perform either only the check or both the check and repair.

“We clean the device, inspect or repair it, perform calibration manipulations and carry out the scheduled check. Depending on the number of meters and their condition, the required works could take between one day and a week. We also provide a unique service – that is the forwarding repairs, where our specialists go to the customers’ objects and inspect or repair the products on-site. This service is particularly relevant in case of devices with large parameters or wastewater meters, which cannot be transported or transportation to our plant could be complicated,” Vaičius explained.

The specialists of Axioma Metering have been operating in the area of metering devices since 1993. The checks are performed by fifteen specialists of the company.  

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