Axis Industries begins construction of an innovative plant in the Kaunas FEZ, where the company is planning to manufacture ultrasonic water and heat meters. It is expected to produce approx. 1.3 million metering devices a year, including the new generation smart water meters, which are currently in development. Axis Industries’ investment into the modern plant will comprise 11 million euro. Mass production of meters is planned for 2019.

“Expansion of production and enhanced manufacturing efficiency of ultrasonic metering devices is a strategic solution of the group of our companies. We are the only developers and manufacturers of ultrasonic metering devices in the Baltic States. The objective the company is setting to itself is to be in the top five of the largest European manufacturers in this field. The experience of our innovation specialists, international practice and advanced technologies provide every opportunity to achieve this goal,” said Remigijus Baltrušaitis, CEO of Axis Industries.

According to Vaidas Jakubavičius, the head of the new plant, the construction permit has already been received and the works for installation of the external engineering networks and laying of foundation will be launched shortly. It is expected to complete construction of the plant at the end of 2018.

“The new plant will have to maintain its competitive advantage on the market for several decades, therefore, we are building a factory with state-of-the-art equipment and innovative solutions, including robot-aided processes. It is planned to robotise the processes demanding special precision, as well as the routine works that are unattractive for people,” added V. Jakubavičius.

The plant will be located on a 1.6 ha land plot of the Kaunas FEZ, where it is expected to build the manufacturing facilities with an area of 5,000 sq m and a 1,000 sq m administration building. This modern plant with robot-aided management of processes will provide 200 workplaces.

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