The International Organization of Legal Metrology (French: Organisation Internationale de Métrologie Légale - OIML), is an “international standard-setting body” - an intergovernmental organization that was created to promote global harmonization of the legal metrology procedures, that underpin and facilitate international trade. Such harmonization ensures that certification of measuring devices in one country is compatible with certification in another, thereby facilitating trade in the measuring devices and in products that rely on the measuring devices. Since its establishment, the OIML has developed a number of guidelines to assist its Members (particularly - developing countries) to draw up appropriate legislation concerning metrology across all facets of society and guidelines on certification and calibration requirements of new products, particularly where such calibration has a legal impact such as in trade, health care and taxation.

Qalcosonic W1 meters were already certified according to MID (Measurement Instrument Directive), however OIML R49 certificate was particularly required in some markets, such as Middle East and Latin America.

"In order to get the OIML R49 certificate, we had to perform the long and complex tests in the accredited laboratory, in one of the OIML Member states. We have selected Slovak Legal Metrology (SLM) bureau as a certifying authority, because SLM takes very active part in the international cooperation within the worldwide International Organization of Legal Metrology OIML. On the European level, SLM is the active member of several Working groups of WELMEC – European Cooperation in Legal Metrology. Also, SLM is a winner of Slovak Republic National Price for Quality. Certification process took almost 6 months, and our products had to pass comprehensive and extensive tests. After all, we are very proud that our product has passed the tests successfully, and the certificate was issued,” says Giedrius Vaitkūnas, Product manager at Axioma Metering.

Rytis Kepalas, Head of Sales at Axioma Trade says: ,,Cetificate is becoming one of the criteria’s for opening or prolongation of supply in some markets like KSA, Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and much more and the number of countries will be increasing every year due to the fact, that the metering devices should be in the continues improvement phases. Day by day standards are rising in all measuring devices, it is mandatory to ensure accuracy in measurement, which is very important when looking at today and even more so in the future, predicting and reducing possible losses, waist, correct accounting and saving resources. We believe that even in those markets where the standards are lower for timebeing, they will be accepted in the same way, in the nearest future. Therefore, we, as a developer and manufacturer, must keep pace with the needs of the markets, thus ensuring full confidence in the products we create, all over the world.

This will help our existing and future utility customers to boldly look ahead and make changes in their systems and infrastructures. It will be a series of achievements in the various directions I mentioned. Knowing that the world is making changes and all countries have the same goal, we believe that it will be replaced by impressive amounts of meters or installed in new infrastructures immediately. I mean, this is definitely not one of the million meters that will reach consumers in the coming years.

As a manufacturer, we are also preparing for this, expanding our product basket and production mindset. This year alone, we increased it 2 times, and we invested in the construction of a new factory, which will allow us to triple those quantities in the future.”

The OIML certificate will also contribute to the company's successful business development, reaching even more markets. Higher production demand also leads to factory expansion.

Axioma Metering's factory is currently operating at full capacity, counting up to approximately 30 million Eur this year's growing sales. In 2023, the company plans to reach about 80 million. EUR sales.

Company until 2024 intends to invest about 20 million Euros at the end of the first quarter for the new factory: 15 million euros - for the construction of the factory and 5 million euros - for a new water meter production line.

Total in the new factory until 2025 it is planned to install 4 new production lines, which will make it possible to produce 3 times more meters per year.

Axioma Metering, manufacturer of Qalcosonic W1 ultrasonic water meter, provides distribution of the products through a network of local distributors with more 750 clients in 60+ countries across the world.

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