Ultrasonic water meter Qalcosonic W1 by Axioma Metering is now ready to be sold for water metering in Chile. It has been approved by the Chilean certified metrological institution Dictuc, which is known for its strict quality requirements for metering devices in Latin American countries.

“We are constantly expanding our geography, as our meters are used by companies and residents in a quarter of world’s countries. This quality compliance certificate is a considerable step forward in Latin America. And we are not planning to stop there: the meters are already being tested in Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay,” Rytis Kepalas, Head of Sales at Axioma Metering shared Axioma Metering development plans.

Water meters Qalcosonic W1 of all possible modifications according to length and diameters were tested in Dictuc´s laboratory in Chile for almost 6 months: metrological and wear tests were carried out as well as the company's production processes, and quality system were evaluated. The meters tested in Chile have open communication protocol and Internet of Things (IoT) technology LoRa, which is valued in Latin America for its ability to collect and transmit data over long distances.

“Inequitable water accounting causes losses to water utilities in Chile. Our meters will help to solve this issue, since the data is collected and transmitted automatically. Chile is facing a dramatic drought and ultrasonic water meters with best in class accuracy over a period of up to 16 years lifetime are key for water utilities to reduce and better manage commercial losses (NRW Non-Revenue Water). Besides that, LoRa technology which is part of our meters is highly appreciated in Latin America, as data collection requires no additional equipment, and the open protocol allows other devices to be connected to one network without being limited to a specific manufacturer”,  says Diana Bikzigitova, Business Development Manager at Axioma Metering.

Axioma Metering Head of Sales adds that its partners, like Nereus SpA in Chile can be offered such advanced technology at a good price because of its robotic production of ultrasonic water meters. The fact that some materials used for manufacturing Qalcosonic W1 come from the USA is another advantage for the American continent.

The official partner of Axioma Metering in Chile is Nereus SpA.

Quality of the ultrasonic water meters Qalcosonic W1 is verified by international certificate MID and the following hygienic certificates:  WRAS in the UK, ACS in France, ICIM in Italy, KIWA in the Netherlands and PZH in Poland.

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