Ultrasonic water meter Qalcosonic W1 just got even better

Qalcosonic W1, the ultrasonic water meter has recently undergone the new revision of the MID certificate. This process confirmed that the pressure loss class of Qalcosonic W1 had been significantly improved. Starting from now on, all Qalcosonic W1 meters with nominal flow rate of Q3 = 1,6 m3/h will be produced in the pressure loss class ∆P16, and the meters with the nominal flow rate of Q3 = 2,5 m3/h will be classified in the pressure loss class ∆P25.

Rytis Kepalas, the Head of Water Meter Sales Division at Axioma Metering, says:

“I am really proud to recognize the fact that the team at Axioma Metering is constantly improving our products. We aim to become the market leader and offer the most advanced products for our customers. The pressure loss class is an important parameter for all water meters, so we are glad that we have become even more attractive to our customers and market.”

Many water utilities are still struggling to form a convincing business case to replace and upgrade aging or inefficient distribution networks. These include old-fashioned water meters: many regulatory policies still fail to reward cost-conscious efforts to upgrade or better manage water supply networks. Appropriate pressure management can be very beneficial for improving efficiency, reducing costs and relieving upcoming water scarcity. In fact, pressure management is already recognized as the essential direction for the optimal management of water supply and distribution systems.

Pressure management is considered as one of the paramount factors by the European Commission: it is highlighted in the European Union reference document “Good Practices on Leakage Management”, adopted by EU Water Directors in their final meeting of 2014.

Qalcosonic W1 ultrasonic water meter is a unique product in the market, characterized by the high precision metering and basically unlimited LoRa, wMBus and NB IoT connection options. Accurate water accounting helps consumers to save water, allows remote monitoring of consumption and offers the improved management of resources for water utility companies. Qalcosonic W1 is presented by water suppliers in over 60 countries worldwide. 

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