Kauno Vandenys has become a pioneering water management company resolving to try using the ultrasonic water meters with remote data transmission instead of the mechanical meters conventionally used in Lithuania. Kauno Vandenys installed 11 smart devices of Axioma Metering in Kaunas as part of the pilot project.

“In Lithuania, just like everywhere else in the world, the mechanical metering devices make way for more precise and convenient new generation meters. The novelties have also been introduced in the data collection area. We are glad that Kauno Vandenys accepted the proposal to test one of the IoT (Internet of Things) technologies together with our meters. This combination will allow to simplify the data transmission chain and ensure easy, accurate and reliable transfer of data,” said Vaidas Jakubavičius, CEO at Axioma Metering.

It is an open secret that the quantity of water consumed in the majority of households is not declared in a due manner, while some consumers also try to falsify the meter readings.

“The smart meters allow to prevent this situation, as these devices are not sensitive to magnet manipulations. This modern device also enables to ensure prompt notification of leakages and quicker response to accidents,” stated Jakubavičius.

“We hope that the installed ultrasonic meters with remote data transmission options will help to reduce both water losses and operating costs,” said

Ramūnas Petras Šulskus, Director of Administration and General Affairs at Kauno Vandenys.

The ultrasonic meters are battery powered, thus, they do not require electricity consumption. The ultrasonic device does not contain any mechanical moving elements, which reduces its maintenance costs and makes tampering with its performance and readings impossible.

The water consumption data are automatically transferred to the Kauno Vandenys database, and the users will not be required to declare the readings every month. It is expected that the precision metering and automatic transmission of data to the water management company will allow to reduce the losses from consumed but unaccounted for water and generate timely and accurate invoices.

In Kaunas, the new generation water meters have been primarily installed in the premises of commercial companies. Upon evaluation of benefits, Kauno Vandenys might later consider installing the ultrasonic devices in the inlets of apartment buildings.

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