The latest generation meter Qalcosonic E4 is a cost-effective smart ultrasonic heating and cooling meter with a modern, durable composite material flow body part that allows saving costs needed for procurement, operation & maintenance for large-scale smart metering projects. 

The development of the Qalcosonic E4 meters started back at the beginning of 2020 and already at the beginning of 2021, we have introduced the meter to the market for commercial use. 

A unique product in the market 

With class 2 of measuring accuracy, Qalcosonic E4 has up to R250 dynamic range which ensures correct billing across all the diameter range. Furthermore, the latest generation meter has up to 16 years of battery life (which is 45% longer than the market average) that provides longer product operation leading to cost saving for the customer on premature meter replacements.  

Thanks to the wide size range from DN15 to DN32, the meter can be modified according to the customer's needs to cover the most typical residential and commercial installation types. What is more, optional IP65 or even IP68 rated meter housings ensure smooth operations even in the most difficult conditions, i.e., during flooding, moisture, and condensation.  

Qalcosonic E4

Consistent performance for the most efficient price  

Our latest generation Qalcosonic E4 heat and cooling meter is based on innovative ultrasonic measurement technology. With no mechanical parts, this meter demonstrates a long-term and reliable performance despite the quality of the water. 

Furthermore, the Qalcosonic E4 meter flow body part is made of durable, light, and high resistance composite material which allows implementing the latest manufacturing processes. The use of composite material leads to highly improved price efficiency for the customer and contributes to the lighter product weight, which helps to reduce shipping costs as well as CO2 emissions. 

We believe that competitive meter prices, together with ultrasonic measurement technology and smart functionality, will influence the speed of heat industry digitalization and make smart metering even more affordable.  

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