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Due to emerging of new technologies or new products, the market environment changes, or the unavailability of obsolete components, some of our products are reaching their natural end-of-life.

After careful consideration, Axioma Metering has decided to discontinue the following products:





Qalcosonic E1
All modifications
2022.02.01 2023.02.01 Qalcosonic E3
Qalcosonic E4

Qalcosonic E2 DN15-100 only
(DN125-400 not affected)
2022.02.01 2023.02.01 Qalcosonic E3
Qalcosonic E4
Qalcomet E1

Qalcosonic F1 (black case)
All modifications
2022.02.01 2023.02.01 Qalcosonic W1 (DN15-50)
Qalcosonic F1 (DN65-100)

Qalcosonic F1
(grey case) DN15-50
2022.02.01 2023.02.01 Qalcosonic W1 (DN15-50)

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