Axis Industries and its partners were successful in tender for the public procurement of a centralised water supply company in Drammen Municipality, Norway. Axis Industries is now ready to sell its QALCOSONIC FLOW4 ultrasonic water meters and the components for a remote reading system that have been adapted especially for this client.

According to Vaidas Jakubavičius, the Commercial Director of Axis Industries, this procedure was particularly complex, and the quality and technical requirements of the product and its system had to be raised. The participation of Kamstrup and Diehl, the largest European manufacturers, also made the competition very tough.

“Our victory in this procedure was determined by our technological flexibility; we understood the specific needs of the clients and adapted our product accordingly. We offered a complex modern solution that included not only the metering device, but also its reading system. This victory can be interpreted as a serious endorsement and proof to the other market participants that we are manufacturing top quality state-of-the-art metering devices and are able to compete at the international level. I want to thank our team for all of their efforts in the preparation for this tender procedure,” said Mr Jakubavičius.

Production of the QALCOSONIC FLOW4 meters has already been launched. They will be delivered to Norway this month and the cooperation is expected to continue for 4 years. A total of 62,000 modern meters will be sent to Norway under this contract.

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