Telia and Axioma Metering joined forces to ensure smooth and efficient energy management and billing systems for Estonia.  

Both companies are innovators in their field: Axioma Metering with decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of smart ultrasonic meters, while Telia is one of the leading telecommunications providers and was the first to launch a nationwide NB-IoT network in Estonia back in 2019.  

New IoT solution in the smart metering market 

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is developed for IoT on a massive scale. Optimized for low-data transmission, it delivers maximum battery life and reaches. It is ideal for stationary measure-and-report sensors that only need to send data a few times a day – this also enables battery life of up to 10 years. It is well suited to both remote locations and high device density situations where interference-free connectivity is required.   

After launching a nationwide NB-IoT network in Estonia, Telia started to look for possible cooperation for integration of this network, to provide more value-added solutions for the end customers in the country.   

Axioma Metering is known for its reliable and high-performance solutions that meet specific needs. As hardware manufacturers are yet implementing changes in product line configuration to support NB-IoT, Axioma Metering’s ability to offer innovative and future-proof products were crucial arguments in choosing them as a partner for this project.” - says Vjatšeslav Antipenko, Head of IoT at Telia Eesti. 

Axioma Metering, being at the forefront of technological development, introduced the first ultrasonic water meter with the integrated NB-IoT technology in Europe. As a result, Telia has chosen Axioma Metering to collaborate on the first full IoT smart metering solution in the Baltics. This strategic collaboration will set a new standard in the market - Telia will be providing a service to end customers of smart ultrasonic meters with integrated NB-IoT technology. 

Value for the end-users 

A new IoT smart metering solution brings significant value for the end-users. With the help of the NB-IoT network provided by Telia and the new QALCOSONIC W1 ultrasonic water meter, the measurements are sent directly to customers' energy management and billing systems, easing both the consumers and suppliers' everyday life. 

QALCOSONIC W1 enables affordable and accurate water metering, as well as contributes to sustainable use of water and other earth resources while using modern composite fiber material. What is also important for the users of QALCOSONIC W1 smart water meters with NB-IoT technology - they no longer need to do manual meter reading and submit it to the water supplier as it is done automatically. The use of ultrasound technology for measuring water consumption ensures accurate reading for a longer period compared to traditional mechanical meters, thus preventing overpaying for water.” - shares Šarūnas Šereika, Product Manager at Axioma Metering. 

As of today, a couple of thousand QALCOSONIC W1 ultrasonic water meters are installed and successfully operating in Estonia. In the upcoming two-year period, both companies are planning to continue their collaboration and install up to 24 thousand water meters in the country.  

Read more about QALCOSONIC W1 ultrasonic water meter: https://www.axiomametering.com/en/products/water-metering-devices/ultrasonic/qalcosonic-w1

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